Cardi B: Invasion of Privacy

Words by Bianca O’Neill

An incredibly strong rap album.

After reality show fame, a bunch of mixtapes and guest spots culminating in the incredibly successful viral single ‘Bodak Yellow’, former stripper Cardi B delivers her first full-length rap album.

There are plenty of single-ready tracks here to choose from. ‘Drip’ feat. Migos is a banger and ‘Money Bag’ is a killer new-money anthem.

Mix those in with ‘Bartier Cardi’ plus the aforementioned ‘Bodak’, and you’re in for some solid listening.

It’s an incredibly strong rap album. Sure, there are some derivative Nicki Minaj moments here, particularly in her intermittent trill, but name a male rapper who hasn’t nodded politely at those who came before him.

At least she didn’t collab with David Guetta.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 178. You can read it here.

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