Client Liaison will play instruments on trampolines for their next tour

Images via Client Liaison

Words by Anthony Graetz

The Kath and Kim of Australian music.

The Client Liaison boys are back with an electrifying new single, ‘The Real Thing’. Featuring techno riffs and funky verses, it’s definitely their most pop-skewed track to date. 

To celebrate this, the Melbourne-duo have announced an Australian tour, later this October. If it’s similar to the performances we’ve seen at Falls or Splendour, expect the unexpected. 

Since their debut 2016 album, Diplomatic Immunity, the boys have been busy. In-between performing at festivals, Client Liaison have produced a bunch of hit singles, launched their clothing line, Client Liaison Deluxe, and toured Australia with their Expo Liaison festival. 

When asked about their national tour this October, front-man Monte Morgan, replied, “we want to bring it all back to the music. But we also want to play instruments on trampolines and crash mats too.”

See, we told you to expect the unexpected. 

Tickets will be released on Friday August 2. 


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