The tracks that guided South London R&B artist Greentea Peng through 2020


Words by Sarah Noonan

Smooth beats for when you need some comfort.

Despite it being an unbelievably terrible year (or perhaps because of it?), 2020 was packed with excellent music. So much of it, in fact, that I’m sure there are albums, singles and music videos that have entirely passed you by.

I know there have been for me, which is why I’ve asked some of my favourite artists to tell me about the music they couldn’t stop listening to this year. Because who better to ask than people who literally make music for a living?

Next in the series is R&B artist, Greentea Peng. Emerging from South East London, Aria Wells, known professionally as Greentea Peng, is serving up neo-soul, psychedelic R&B excellence with the release of her new track ‘Spells‘.

As for her favourite music of the last year, she notes the importance of self-acceptance and finding one’s rhythm as a catalyst for the kind of sounds she resonates with most. A list filled with smooth vocals and layered beats, this playlist is certain to transport you to a place of comfort.

Tadafi – Supreemo album 

A very talented friend, on all the production, all the vocals, he’s a talented Ji, we’ve known each other for years. He also produced my tune ‘Revolution‘.

Phoebs ft Congo Natty – Vampires 

My favourite new old artist Phoebs, my south London sister, she’s got the bars, the flow and the message. Look out for this artist.

Lex Amor – Government Tropicana album 

Another South London Ji, I love Lex’s voice, rugged and heavenly. Again bars! This was the first album I’ve heard of hers. My favourite of her tunes is mood but this album BANGS – check her Colours show performance of Odogwu.

Elheist – Wholesome Goody album 

El is the best, so original and wild and free. My favourite song on this album is ‘Done Talking‘. Make sure you check her visuals cause she comes through always!

omgitsfridaynight and SIMMY – V12 album 

Two of my absolute boys put out this project at the beginning of this madness. Both great artists individually, together their powers created a great tape. My favourite tune is ‘Move Over‘!

Head here to listen to Greentea Peng’s new single ‘Spells‘.

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