Here’s an energising working from home playlist thanks to Oliver Malcolm

Dr. Dre, Anderson .Paak, The Chats and more.

Working from home? Us too. Listening to your housemate bang around in the kitchen while they make their third sourdough of the week can be pretty distracting, so we asked some of our favourite artists to put together working from home playlists so we can drown out the domestic doldrums and get to work. Enjoy.

“Here’s some of my favourite music from artists out of LA & Australia. Growing up in the UK my dad would play American hip-hop all the time. That’s where my love of West Coast hip-hop emerged, as you can tell from this playlist. As for Australia, I used to listen to Hilltop Hoods when I would skate. Randomly came across them on Soundcloud and it was my first time hearing Australian rap. During quarantine, I’ve just been jumping around between making music and painting. When I get tired of making music I go to paint and when I get tired of painting I go to make music. Switching it up keeps the creativity up.”

Listen to Oliver’s latest single ‘Kevin’ from his forthcoming debut project here.


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