Love Laws: TT

Words by Bianca O'Neill

Uplifting and romantic.

If Theresa Wayman’s band Warpaint is all guitar rock and eerie psych harmonies, then her debut solo outing would be its spacey, surf-rock sister. It’s not that far from Warpaint’s work – albeit with more of that dirty keyboard flavour and an ever-so-subtle jungle-drum beat.

Her songs speak of longing and love, sometimes broken and sometimes apathetic, but this doesn’t feel like a set of love songs.

Rather, LoveLaws is strangely hypnotic, delivering a complex soundscape that is somehow never fussy.It’s uplifting in its own way; a romantic ode to introspection that tells us a lot about this talented now-solo artist.

Definitely worth a listen.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 180. You can read it here.

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