MGMT: Little Dark Age

Words by Bianca O’Neill


One of the biggest bands of the ’00s saw a fairly spectacular fall from grace following the release of two albums that seemed purposely formulated to lose fans.

Well now the duo has returned to form, delivering the kind of music they started making back in 2007.

Of course that inhibited attitude is still there. ‘She Works Out Too Much’ is the prime example, when the group is feeling so self-conscious it destroys its own work by drenching it in pop-facing irony.

However, it’s in lyrics like “I’m not that nice” and “I’m ready to blow my brains out,” laid over maniacally happy synth pop, that you see MGMT’s true brilliance.

When it gets out of its own way, that is.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 177. You can read it here.

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