Bat for Lashes: The Bride

Patrick Swayze-esque.

Who doesn’t love a little heartbreak?

Bat for Lashes’ latest album tells the story of a bride whose fiancé is killed en route to the chapel. So it’s obviously a little theatrical and dramatic.

There’s also some Patrick Swayze-esque ghost romance here too. But most of all, it’s dreamy and Bat for Lashes’ best yet. Sonically, the album is her most restrained.

A constant, heartbeat-like beat pulses throughout the entire record. It’s also very heavily inspired by the Lynchian, think Twin Peaks, with tons of reverb that washes over you like a wave.

While there aren’t any upbeat tracks like her previous albums, The Bride creates a melancholy mood unlike any other record I’ve heard this year.

It’s the type of album you can dive into. Spoiler alert, there’s even a happy ending. 


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 159. You can read it here.

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