Grimes x HANA dropped 7 music videos at once

Self-filmed, self-directed.

Grimes and HANA have just dropped a seven-part visual album, Lemonade style.

The creatives released their visual artistry to the world on Wednesday after announcing the launch via twitter.

They two artists had no crew, no makeup, no cameras and no lights – but that didn’t stop the duo creating a whopping SEVEN music videos while on a two-week stint in Europe.

Grimes had joined HANA and brother Mac on their AC!D REIGN tour, and apparently they got on a bit of a roll after filming ‘World Princess Part II’ (we’re not complaining).

The pair filmed on an iPhone at a series of European castles with vibrant costumes and gorgeous backdrops.

HANA’s ‘Chimera’, ‘Underwater’ and ‘Avalanche’ and Grimes’ ‘World Princess Part II’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘Scream’ and ‘Belly of the Beat’ make up the earthy, electronica collection of beats. 

You can watch the video clips individually, or in their intended order Beyoncé-style in the Ac!d Reigns Chronicle.

It’s edgy, it’s beautiful and it’s a little trippy. We love it. 


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