Interview: Baro

“I just want emotion to be given throughout the music.”

Rapper Baro is currently changing the face of Australian hip-hop, bringing us smooth sounds and effortless style in his first EP 17/18. Having just turned 18, the days of sneaking past bouncers at his own gigs (yep) are behind him. Now part of the 2015 Splendour in the Grass line-up, he is certainly moving on up. We caught up and talked making music, the future and LA.

So, your debut EP 17/18 is about to come out, how does it feel to be releasing your own EP at 18?

It feels great! I was working on it while I was 17 to 18. It feels great to finally finish it and release an EP. 

Do you think 17/18 brings a new mood and a different sound into your music compared to your previous Howgoodisgood mixtape? 

Yeah a little bit, there’s some old influences from ‘Howgoodisgood’ but there’s also progression in the new EP, which gives it a new flavour. 

Who are your biggest influences in music?

Tyler the creator, Kanye West, Erica Badu – that kind of rap, like alternative rap. 

Yeah, your latest video release ‘See Less’ is definitely very Tyler the Creator-esque…

Yeah, I like that jazz. 

You make your music out of your bedroom, what’s your music making process like?

I have a friend, his name is Mitch and he’s really good at the keys, so he comes over and we just chill, drink coffee and we have a song done in two hours. Like he’ll make a beat and I’ll write to it. That’s how this EP was done anyway, the mixtape was different. 

So to kick off your 17/18 national tour you’re playing at Splendour in the Grass. Is there anything you do to prepare for playing on stage?

Nah not really, we just kind of pep talk each other before we go on stage, gee each other up. Me and DJ Fets, she’s also my best friend, we jump on stage and we usually just chill first before we start. 

Where do you get your inspiration for writing lyrics from?

As corny as it sounds, just like everyday life. Like everything I’ve written I haven’t not experienced and I haven’t not thought about, so it’s just pretty much just everyday living. 

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

I want them to feel bubbly – whatever the music makes them feel. I just want emotion to be given throughout the music. 

When did you realise your point of difference in music? And the kind of music you wanted to make?

I always knew I was different to other people like growing up in school and whatever, and that just pretty much reflected in my music. I always listened to jazz and different shit that not many people my age listened to, so that definitely influences the music I make today. 

Your everyday fashion style, what’s that like? Any favourite brands and looks that you really love right now?

Ah yeah I like colourful things; I like blues, like nice blues, I always like wearing blue somewhere on me. I like adidas a lot and local brands. 

One thing you just have to do in your lifetime?

I really want to make a film, a good film. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

LA, I want to go to LA. Call me basic, but I just really want to go to LA because it’s beautiful and it just sounds cool. The vibes and the music there is amazing. 

Do you like a lot of the music coming out of there at the moment?

Yeah, LA is at the centre of everything, like you have TDE, Odd futur, Mac Miller is living there, and that’s like my major influences for hip-hop now. So I want to go there and check that out. 

Dream collaboration? 

Tyler the Creator.

Baro kicks off his national tour with Gill Bates and Marcus in July gracing the stages of Splendour in the Grass for the Red Bull Music Academy with his unique, breezy sounds. 

His tour will also take him to Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne and Adelaide.  

Tickets via baro.oztix.com.au

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