Oscar Key Sung releases free Altruism remix EP

House-infused elements, disco vibes and robotic styles

Finishing up his Australian tour only a few days ago, Oscar Key Sung has released a free Altruism remix EP, featuring reimagined versions of ‘Premonition’, ‘Brush’, ‘Altruism’ and ‘Skip.’

Renowned for his unique style that borders house, pop and even a little dance music, he moves from RnB’s past to pop’s future in his latest release, exploring a combination of these opposing styles.

Describing his collaborations as “mostly extensions of my friendships,” perhaps referencing close pals András Fox, Banoffee and Cassius Select, the free EP features talented producers, including Melbourne’s own Darcy Baylis and Null, Thomas Williams, Martin King and Sydney’s Zuri Akoko.

With house-infused elements, disco vibes and robotic styles in the mix, Oscar Key Sung’s Altruism remix EP is definitely worth the download people.

Get the free EP here.

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