Real Estate: In Mind

With peaks and troughs.

“Mindful melancholy,” it says in the media release, describing Real Estate’s back catalogue. And yes, I’ve always found them as dull as that sounds (although, I must admit, they are much better live than on their albums).

Opener ‘Darling’ is more of the same-old Real Estate but from the jangly opening strains of ‘Stained Glass’, my interest was finally piqued. It’s more uppity ’90s quirk than the kind of introspective indie that has haunted the last decade.

There are peaks (‘White Light’, ‘Time’) and troughs (‘After The Moon’, ‘Holding Pattern’).

Overall, it’s a solid album for the fans, but not where my money is in 2017. 

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 166. You can read it here.

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