Watch Jamie XX’s new clips ‘Loud Places’ and ‘Gosh’

We can hardly wait for Jamie XX’s first solo album but here’s a taste.

Jamie XX can do no wrong.

With his first solo album ‘In Colour’ due to land May 29, he’s released some pretty amazing music clips to match.

And matching is exactly what he does best, the film clip for ‘Gosh’ is as great as the song. Directed by Erik Wenquist, a digital artist from Sweden, the clip lets us explore the boundless reaches of the Solar System.

The beautiful space scene encapsulates Jamie XX’s song ‘Gosh’ and encourages us to leave planet earth for 4 minutes and 52 seconds. 

‘Loud Places’ is another great track.

The song features bandmate Romy’s lovely, whispery voice, giving a warmth only Romy can to Jamie’s solo production.

The film clip takes us on a night wander through what looks like to be NYC. We ride along with Jamie XX and Romy on a skateboard and experience the freedom of the night. It ends unexpectedly with confetti flying over the skate bowl, but it’s beautiful and strangely enough makes perfect sense. 

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