Husky: Punchbuzz

Easygoing and atmospheric.

Husky Gawenda tells us on the press release for Punchbuzz, his band’s third album, that he did a lot of writing at night – and it makes sense.

There’s fantasy, vampires, ghosts and moody brooding. There are dreamy Saturday night riffs, a perfect background for red wine by the fire with your love. It’s energetic, and buzzy, and bright.

But there’s something missing for me.

It’s hard to put a finger on: perhaps it’s the lack of surprises, perhaps it’s *too* audibly pleasing. If you like your albums easygoing and atmospheric, this is going to be your jam.
However, if like me, you prefer something a little more challenging, you may be a touch disappointed.


This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 169. You can read it here.

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