Le1f: Roit Boi

Confident and charismatic.

The first time I saw Le1f was in the video for ‘wut’ – atop an oiled, topless male model in a Pikachu mask, it was a bold statement and completely unapologetic for its sexuality. Riot Boi pushes the boundaries even further and all with a witty, energetic charm.

Riot Boi, unsurprisingly, can be a confronting listen. Tracks like the album opener, ‘Hi’ drop from neon glitter rave productions into hardcore grime without warning. Album highlight ‘Koi’ is a collaboration with pop savant SOPHIE and is about 10 different types of crazy.

It’s a futuristic, rubbery beat that sounds like it belongs in the year 2025. Lyrically, Le1f is still furthering the LGBT movement within the hip hop genre.

It’s seriously refreshing to hear a confident, charismatic voice in a genre that has been rampant with homophobia.

Simply put, Riot Boi slays. 

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