Rihanna: ANTI

That Rihanna reign just don’t let up.

After months of speculation and underwhelming buzz singles, Rihanna’s eighth studio album is finally here.

ANTI is clearly an attempt at gaining some musical credibility for everyone’s favourite bad gal. But is that really what we want from Rihanna? Surprisingly, yes it is.

Thankfully she’s scrapped everything released last year. She’s also scrapped everything from her first album without any production work from long-time collaborators, Stargate.

This is a gritty and rough piece of work that is about as far from 2012’s Unapologetic as you can get. There’s even a Tame Impala cover on here, guys.

ANTI is the first Rihanna album that doesn’t feel like a couple of banger singles surrounded by filler tracks, designed to sell a couple million and then be thrown away. That Rihanna reign just don’t let up.

It’s a shame you might have to get Tidal to hear this, though.


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