Poppongene drops surprisingly cheerful track ‘Eternally Alone’

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Forever alone.

Melbourne artist Poppongene has just dropped the second single from her upcoming EP, a tongue-in-cheek pop track called ‘Eternally Alone’.

If the title has you expecting a moody ballad, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The single is boppy and upbeat, laced with lyrics about walking in the park, gardening and drinking wine in imaginary but comfortable companionship.

Poppongene – AKA Sophie Treloar – says of the song, “It’s me daydreaming about a lovely shimmering romance that I don’t have time for. Less morbid than the title suggests, much more about poking fun at my priorities.”

Overall, the message that cuts through is that while you hopefully don’t end up eternally alone, being by yourself in the meantime is a-okay.

You can catch Poppongene at Bigsound on September 4 and 5, and stream ‘Eternally Alone’ on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube now.


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