Arcade Fire: Everything Now


It’s the fun, jaunty-pop we’ve come to know Arcade Fire for.

Musically, Everything Now sees Arcade Fire revisit their festival-friendly heyday of The Suburbs. It’s the fun, jaunty-pop we’ve come to know them for.

But the problem with this album, at least according to most reviewers, is in the lyrics.

The album, again similar to The Suburbs, attempts to shine a light on consumerism and vapid social media use through lyrical observation. Unlike The Suburbs, it emerges via trite, obvious clichés. Case in point, the title track: ‘Every time you smile it’s a fake / Daddy how come you’re never around?’.

Can it get worse? Yes. It can be punctuated by pan flute riffs.


This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 171. You can read it here.

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