Rinse has put together a dreamy, shoegazey playlist just in time for the weekend

A mellow, new-wave listening experience.

Stuck at home? Lol, us too. Listening to your housemate bang around in the kitchen while they make their third sourdough of the week can be pretty distracting, so we asked some of our favourite artists to put together iso playlists so we can drown out the domestic doldrums and find an easy escape. Enjoy.

Rinse is the solo project of Brisbane musician Joe Agius. It recently made its debut with the post-punk, shoegaze-influenced single ‘Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’, and when he’s not working on Rinse, he co-writes, produces and plays live with Brisbane dream-pop musician Hatchie. Rinse’s music calls to mind Echo & The Bunnymen, The Church and The Cure, and has an infectious post-punk sound.

Luckily for us, Joe’s put together a dreamy, new-wave influenced playlist just in time for the weekend, featuring The Cardigans, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive and Talk Talk, amongst others. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a mellow day spent indoors.



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