The Spice Girls might finally be touring Australia

Image via @spicegirls/Instagram
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Say you’ll be there.

Aussies might finally have the chance to spice up their lives in person, with rumours surfacing about a long-awaited Australian Spice Girls tour.

If you were a fan back in 2008, you might remember the disappointment felt by all when a promised Sydney concert was cancelled due to personal commitments.

Now, in the midst of the group’s UK reunion tour, The Morning Show reports that a number of Australian journalists are being called on to interview the members.

“They have not been told on what premise they’re going to interview the Spice Girls,” said reporter Peter Ford. “They’ve said, you’ll be told later what this is about.”

This level of secrecy, coupled with the fact that the band has no new music set to be released, has led to speculation about a potential tour down under.

While we know it’s dangerous to get our hopes up, we’ll be keeping an eager ear out for any confirmation.


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