Womb has made us a smooth, ethereal working from home playlist


A dreamy selection.

Working from home? Us too. Listening to your housemate bang around in the kitchen while they make their third sourdough of the week can be pretty distracting, so we asked some of our favourite artists to put together working from home playlists so we can drown out the domestic doldrums and get to work. Enjoy. 

Wellington dream-pop trio Womb has put together the ideal working from home playlist for us, featuring some of our favourite artists – Okay Kaya, Kelsey Lu, Bjork and Dolly Parton, just to name a few.

Hear what they have to say about the playlist below, and take in the music video for their incredible new single ‘Used to Be’ here.

“The Womb 2020 iso mix is a collection of songs we (Georgette, Haz, and Charlotte) have been listening to recently, particularly in this time when the globe has found itself at a standstill. Woven together using the recurrence of both real and synthetic strings – from the vast violins and cellos of the opening track, ‘This Mortal Coil’s Another Day’, to the smooth synths of the final track, ‘Love…Thy Will Be Done’ by Martika – this playlist represents a collision of our musical interests, as well as a lot of songs that are shared loves for all three of us. Some are especially close to our hearts now, [as we are] in the midst of recording our second album, Under the Lights; they are many of the songs that we turn and return to as we continue to work on our own collection of songs.”


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