Akagu’s Harvey the Label Auction

October 25 – 30.

Our favourite shopping experience is back. Akagu (aka the site that lets you pay what you want for designer items) has just announced its next auction.

Starting on October 25, Akagu will be having a Harvey the Label auction. And it will see a range of the brand’s pieces at up to 65% off.

For those of you who haven’t shopped with Akagu before, it’s pretty simple. Items will start at retail value, and then the price will drop periodically. When something you like hits a price you’re happy with, you’ll just need to place your bid. Think of it as eBay in reverse, except you’ll want everything.

This sale is for members only, so you’ll need to subscribe to join in the fun (don’t worry, it’s free!). Signing up will also give you a sneak peek at what’s going on sale (so you can form a plan of attack) and keep you in the loop for upcoming auctions. 


Akagu’s Harvey the Label Auction
October 25 – 30, 12pm – 8pm

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