The FJ Guide to Warehouse Sales

Because there are just. so. many.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there are SO MANY warehouse sales on this weekend.

So many in fact, that we have started compiling an itinerary and map in preparation (that is not a joke). As seasoned veterans of warehouse sale shopping, we thought it best to impart some of our hard-earned wisdom for your benefit.

Please don’t make the same mistakes that we have.

1. Bring cash

We cannot stress this enough.

2. Dress to express

You need separates that you can pull on and off quickly, bottoms that you can try with tops and vice versa. We recommend gym gear.

3. Wear proper underwear

Nothing skimpy, nothing transparent and nothing embarrassing. Many sales will have communal change rooms and no matter how good your butt is, no one wants to see that.

4. Try not to impulse buy

Yes, this is hard when everything is ‘sooo cheap‘ and you can’t help but ‘think how much you’re saving!‘ We all do it. But just try not to.

5. Prioritise

We all know the golden rule of warehouse sales is quite literally ‘first in best dressed’, but with the sheer number of sales on this weekend (and with most already having started) you will need to prioritise. Start with the best, end with your least favourite and then perhaps even return to the best late on Sunday. Everything is even more heavily reduced at the last minute, so it’s worth being the crazy lady that keeps coming back.


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