If you've ever dreamt about holidaying in Italy, and let's face it we all have, the new collection from LIFEwithBIRD might be the next best thing.

Inspired by designers Bridget and Nick's most recent holiday to Europe, the Abstraction collection embodies the varied lives of Italians, from Milan to the Amalfi Coast.

Just like the Italian lifestyle, there are no rules as long as life is enjoyed. Stuctured Italian fabric can be paired with free flowing printed silks or crinkled cottons. Abstract prints can be worn together or subdued with solid colours. And the lava print, reminicisnt of Pompeii, sits in bold contrast to the navy and white stripe of beach umbrellas.

Much like the Italian lifestyle the new Abstraction collection embodies the effortless-cool style that perfectly suits the warm weather.

And don't worry about the wait, because it drops in stores today.


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