You can now buy a historic Italian monastery for the grand price of €1

Images via Realpoint Property
Words by Nicole LaRuffa

Ciao Italia.

€1 can buy you a lot these days an espresso, a pack of gum and a former Italian monastery, apparently.

Yep, a historic three-building structure in Italy is up for sale, and it’s all yours for this small sum.

Situated in Modigliana, the Filanda del Casone property dates back to 1823, and had since become a monastery for Dominican monks.

In the first building, you’ll find five floors consisting of three living spaces, a cellar and an attic. The second offers two storeys as does the third building, which additionally boasts a wood-burning log oven on the ground floor.

So what’s the catch, exactly? Well, after making the purchase, the buyer must not only submit an application for a building permit, but also present a renovation project to the council all within a year of the sale.

It’s also imperative that work to the building should commence within two years, with the completion date no longer than three years after that.

You can view the listing here.

So it’s settled, you’ll find us living our best lives in our new Italian mansion.

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