An Italian city is rewarding bike riders with free ice cream and beer

Image via Mr Bean’s Holiday
Words by Tara Smith

Some people have it all.

Residents of Bologna, Italy, are now being rewarded for walking, cycling or catching public transport to work.

According to the BBC, an initiative from Bologna’s local government sees sustainable methods of transport rewarded with free ice cream, beer and movie tickets.

Users simply have to log their walk or ride to work, and receive points based on how many trips they take. They can then exchange points for delicious treats at participating venues.

The program, dubbed ‘Bella Mossa’ (‘good job’ in Italian), uses an app to keep track of a user’s journey. It also utilises GPS-tracking to ensure nobody cheats. Points are rewarded per journey, rather than the distance covered.

The BBC reports that around eight trips are required to claim an ice cream. There’s also a limit of four journeys a day to encourage users to keep using the app.

Sounds like an excellent imitative to us. When’s Australia’s turn?

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