It's true we found it, the perfect watch. All thanks to Melbourne-based watch brand, Uncle Jack. 

Uncle Jack swears by the expression “less is more”, which is pretty self-evident. These unisex watches are stainless steel with leather straps, maintaining a minimalist design and the best part of all - they're affordable. Oh and did we mention they’re water resistant too? Yep, coolness factor - off the charts.

With a variety of leather strap and watch face colours ranging from black to white to brown, we have made our decision. The new and exclusive silver/blue colourway has our vote (and hopefully has our wrist soon too).

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So here are five reasons why you'll want to win.
One to put on your Christmas list.
Look good and save the tigers.
WeWood Timepieces don't just make watches, they're smart and eco-friendly.
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