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BlendCo is taking care of your best accessory...

Words by

Tabatha Turner

When a group of business-minded, smart-thinking Melbourne guys got together a couple of years ago to discuss their options, smoothie and juice van BlendCo was born. Parking their baby everywhere from music festivals, universities, and beachside towns, BlendCo have slowly but surely made young and old Australians crave ‘the blend’- however deliciously healthy they may be.

Now, in the name of pineapples and coconuts, the BlendCo boys are approaching health and happiness as if a fashion trend- and one that is here to stay. With the launch of their new worldwide superfood product SKIN, and accompanying ‘lookbook’ of important lifestyle choices and recipes, the boys have created ‘ready-to-wear’ health and wellbeing that will make your most fashion-forward accessory shine- your skin.

There is no need to worry, this accessory will not break the bank. With a mix of only the best ingredients, it is safe to say the BlendCo boys have got your back. So flush out the negative toxins and make like model-of-the-moment Chloe Worthington who fronts the BlendCo campaign (pineapple and all), by grabbing your own from www.blendco.com.au. This trend is here to stay. 

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