Why a Leica SOFORT camera should be at the top of your Christmas wish list

Words by Fashion Journal

Point and shoot.

While we all carry a smartphone in our pocket, there’s something special about being able to capture an image on film.

The SOFORT is the first instant model from Leica, putting a spin on the vintage camera we all know and love.

It features a number of modes for all of life’s special moments – including selfie, party and people, sport and action – as well as settings like double exposure and self-timer. Budding photographers also have the option to switch to a manual setting, where you can adjust focus, flash and exposure yourself.

Arriving in three pleasant colourways of mint, black and white, the SOFORT makes for a pretty excellent gift this time of year.

Shop it now online or at Leica’s newly opened St. Collins Lane, Melbourne store.


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