Thanks to Bey, Tidal's finally making waves.

Words by

Luke Forester

Tidal, you've finally won me over.

After months of bagging the streaming service, Beyoncé just had to drop one of the albums of year and stream it exclusively through Tidal.

Lemonade is the definition of a modern pop album. Within hours, it had created its own online mythology, memes and almost universal acclaim.

At the same time, Lemonade pushes pop into smarter, deeper territory with its broad range of production styles and musical references.

This isn't even mentioning the visual side of the album – a mini movie that charts a (speculated) unravelling marriage and reunion.

It's a beautiful piece of work and deserves recognition. Tidal has finally made some waves.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal issue 157. You can read the full issue here.

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