I dressed like 2000s fashion icons for a week and I’m never turning back


What goes around, comes back around.

Much to the disappointment of some, early 2000s fashion is back, and in a huge way. For the last few years, I’m sure we’ve all noticed elements of the noughties fashion era infiltrating our social media feeds and permeating the collective consciousness. Now, in 2021, it seems the entire 2000s fashion-esque aesthetic is back – warts and all.

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We’re already seeing a lot of the Y2K styles hitting runways and retailers – think logo baby tees, whale tales, trucker hats and, god forbid, low rise pants. Having grown up in this era, I always looked up to the likes of Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff (see: my earlier attempt at Lizzie McGuire fashion) and Avril Lavigne for style inspiration.

However, being under 10 years old for most of the decade, I never had the resources to actually recreate any of the iconic (and exceptionally sexy) outfits of the time. Now, 20 years on, I felt like having a crack at recreating some classic early-noughties styles donned by the decade’s household names.

Hit me baby one more time

Britney Spears was a frequent wearer of leather pants, and pairing them with a cute yellow baby tee was an inspired move from her (or more likely her excellent stylist during this era). I matched my mid-rise faux snakeskin pants with a similar yellow logo shirt which I altered to be as tight on the body as hers. There’s not much to say here – I loved this look and would 100 per cent do it again.

Stars are blind

Back in the day, low rise jeans truly were an icon, a legend – they were the moment. Ms Hilton was one of the noughties celebrities who wore them better than most. Stringing some pink fabric over an exposed flatter-than-flat stomach was another frequently used technique of the perfumer, one I found a bit intimidating but hey, anything for the look.

I’m a genie in a bottle

This look, complete with a one-shoulder black mini dress, knee-high boots, sparkly head wrap and gold accessories makes for an exceptionally cute lewk, even today. This may have been my favourite of the bunch – if only I had some dark black chunky Xtina hair highlights to top the look off.

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Although I was determined to nail a signature hungover Lohan look, this outfit I landed on instead takes inspiration from a few different icons (see: Hilary and Britney) as well as Lindsay. Incorporating the white pleated mini skirt, I channelled her preppy Mean Girls phase, and the addition of the fur trim cardi really took me back to her crazy fur slinging party days. All in all, I think Lindsay would approve.

Crazy in love

As soon as I saw this photo of Beyonce looking truly exceptional in these sparkly pants, I knew just what to do. I pulled on a similar pair I had at my disposal and layered a couple of black wrap tops and topped it of with the accessory du jour of the noughties (and right now), a fun bandana. I think this look best speaks to the Beyonce fresh out of Destiny’s Child – arguably her best era.

I’m just a girl

Edging far away from my regular personal style, my take on Gwen incorporates some colour clashing and a brand of boldness I’m not quite so comfortable with. I don’t think I’d wear it out in public, but this dark green Adidas jacket paired with a white singlet and tartan pants, I think, is exactly what Gwen would have worn in her pop-band days – no doubt.

If you haven’t got your early-2000s fashion fix yet, try this.

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