Beauty report: AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Skin Energy Mist

Words by Rachel Krasky

A love affair.

Name: AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Skin Energy Mist
Price: $85
What it does: A refreshing and invigorating daily mist to awaken, hydrate and revitalize the skin
Available from: mecca.com.au

How it feels/smells/looks

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. $85 for a setting spray? It’s insane, and I don’t promote spending that much if you can’t afford to. That being said, I decided I HAD to write about it, purely because it’s so bloody good. AMOREPACIFIC is a Korean brand that only recently hit Aussie shores via Mecca, and I was interested in getting my hands on a product to try. The brand is known for infusing quality skincare benefits into its products without hitting the crazy price point of some of its competitors. But back to this spray. The packaging is premium, it smells amazing and, overall, it’s a super luxurious product that does a very good job at setting your base in place.

Why I like it

I am a setting spray junkie, and the number one feature I look for is a good mist. I don’t like sprays that are so heavy your face ends up wet, or those that are so light you feel like you applied nothing. But this is the perfect mist ratio and leaves me very pleased with how my skin feels. The product is also formulated with AMOREPACIFIC’s exclusive 5-Hydra Complex to help increase moisture levels, and micro-particle technology to assist with quick absorption. Which means it dries super quickly and leaves you feeling hydrated instead of sticky. Plus, it helps all your products blend nicely into the skin.

I love the smell of this product (I am big on face products smelling nice), and it actually adds to the longevity of my makeup. It’s a luxurious, beautiful setting spray, and one I just can’t stop reaching for every. Single. Day.

Areas for improvement

We all know the issue here. Price. I really love this product, but $85 for a setting spray is a bit rich. I think I’ll go back to the trusty Urban Decay All Nighter after this love affair, but this product will be nice while it lasts. If you’re looking to splurge (either on yourself or for a gift), give this one a shot. Personally, I’m excited to try more from the brand’s range.


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