Beauty app Mira launches marketplace for Black-owned beauty brands

Image via Dribble

Words by Helena Bammant


Mira, an app that compiles skincare and makeup product reviews all in one place, has just introduced the very first online marketplace spotlighting Black-owned beauty brands.

Since its release in October 2019, beauty devotees have looked to the platform for insights into the cosmetics and skincare industry. The app combines customer reviews to display the best and worst of products on the market and allows users to search for beauty products, tools and supplies based on their unique features and preferences.

The coolest bit, in my humble opinion, is the facial recognition and AI technology which can match products to your individual face shape and skin tone and type. Impressive, right?

But unfortunately, up until recently, many Black-owned beauty brands have had little to no exposure in large retail stores or online platforms. Mira’s solution was to manually source brands through online lists, invite users to add brands not featured, and source recommendations from Black content creators.

Simply by typing “Black-owned” in the search bar, you will find thousands of Black-owned products, which can then be separated into further categories including price and product type. Mira’s ultimate goal is to further blend these products with other key groups such as vegan, cruelty-free and sustainability.

The app is essentially the Google for all things beauty and sources its info from the world wide web, pulling information from sites like Sephora, Ulta, YouTube, beauty forums and social media platforms.

Most significantly, the app has created a community where users have a safe space to ask and answer questions in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. You can find out what other people really think and do side-by-side comparisons of products.

Mira’s new initiative hopes to help Black-owned brands get the business and love that they deserve. The new dedicated marketplace has over 400 brands and is calling out for customers to submit any extras they don’t know about. To check it out, just search #Blackowned on the Mira app.


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