18 graphic designers around the world were asked to Photoshop this woman

These were the results.

A project involving 18 graphic designers from across the world has surfaced, highlighting the broad spectrum of ‘attractive’ ideals between cultures. 

The study, curated by an online doctor service based in the UK, is an attempt at exploring varying beauty standards from around the world. Graphic designers in a number of countries were asked to alter the woman’s body to reflect their country’s ideal woman. Results were drastic, with alterations to hair, hips and clothes sometimes making the original image unrecognisable. 

Delving into discourses surrounding the unrealistic standards of beauty set for women, the goal of this project was to unveil the similarly held perceptions around the world. There is the conclusion that no culture is protected from the pressures to be ‘attractive’. 

However, to end this finding on a positive note there is another conclusion drawn. There are no universal beauty standards for women. Meaning, your mum was right, you’re beautiful! Hoorah!

Read more about this project here.

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