5 men’s hair tutorials that will actually help you

Because we want to look ‘on fleek’ too.

With the popularity of women’s hair and make-up tutorials on the rise, it’s not surprising that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of tutorials out there for men as well. We’ve curated a couple we think deserve a nod. These could prove helpful to men who want to master a certain look (yes, we’ve covered the man bun) or need some inspiration for their next cut. 

1. The Man Bun/Top Knot

We’re starting off with Anthony Deluca’s man-bun tutorial. It gets no better than a man with a chiselled jaw showing you how to tie his unfairly glossy hair up into a bun. With easy to follow instructions, helpful tips and product recommendations, this should leave you itching to grow out your own mane or tie it up in its current glory.

2. David Beckham’s Pompadour

Taking cues from the hair god himself, Tim Bryan does an admirable job of recreating David Beckham’s Spring 2015 H&M campaign hairstyle. A model himself (as if you can’t tell), Tim’s instructional video should assist even the most hair-challenged guys to recreate this iconic Beckham look. 

3. Zac Efron’s Quiff

When we think of Zac Efron we think great hair (and maybe High School Musical). The guys at SlikhaarTV nail this look with a great demonstration of how to cut and style this iconic Zac Efron hairstyle. 

4. Styling Awkward Length Hair 

Growing out your hair doesn’t have to mean wearing a baseball cap until it reaches the right length. Jordan from the aptly named, A Gentlemen’s Cove, serves some great pointers on how to style hair when it’s reaching an awkward stage of growth.

5. Hair Product Secrets of GQ Editors

What better way to cap off this list than with a group of GQ Editors spilling on what products they use to style their own hair. Take note boys, this is as good as it gets!

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