An Aussie company is making fake tan for men

Because you deserve to glow, too.

Boys, we get it. There’s a certain stigma attached to wearing fake tan. 

It’s one that threatens your *very manly manliness* and often leaves you forgoing sunscreen in the pursuit of bronzed skin. Which would be fine and all, if it wasn’t for things like skin cancer. 

Aussie company, Baked, gets that this is just plain unfair. So the boys behind the brand have dropped a self-tanner specifically designed for men.

The newly-launched product delivers a charcoal-based formula that is better suited to a man’s thicker skin. It’s also scent-free and only takes an hour to develop, so no one would even know you’ve used it.

If you’d totally never use this but think it would be funny to link to a “mate”, you can check out the website here.


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