7 men’s grooming brands to have on your radar

Keeping you boys in tip-top condition.

As a man, keeping yourself looking sharp can be tricky business.

With an increasing number of brands out there vying to pay attention to your beard/skin/mane/torso, along with well-marketed promises of picking up soon after, it can be tough to know which to opt for.

So we rounded up a few of our favourites to help you navigate the minefield that is looking schmick.

Hunter Lab
Hunter Lab is what the modern man has been waiting for. Efficient and effective super natural skincare tools crafted to seamlessly fit into your daily grooming routine. Hunter Lab has an armoury of four products including the Hand & Body Wash, Cleansing Facial Scrub, Daily Face Fuel moisturiser and the Anti-Ageing Elixir serum. Best of all Hunter Lab is formulated naturally in Melbourne with hardworking ingredients like macrobiotic sea minerals, extracts, vitamins and oils all rich in corrective antioxidants. Their mission is simple: to deliver highly effective, fuss-free products made from nature’s finest ingredients which are always a pleasure to use.

Mr Bean Body Care
A step often forgotten in the male routine is an invigorating full body scrub. Not to worry though, Mr Bean has got you covered with his Man Scrub. It’s an all organic coffee scrub with robusta coffee beans, cold-pressed coconut oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, demerara sugar, cacao and Vitamin E oil. Its skin-loving blend of moisturising ingredients and gritty textures removes dead skin and prevents breakouts. The caffeine is also said to stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of eczema and stretch marks. Men, it’s time to get busy in the shower. Some like it rough but we all prefer you smooth.

This website boasts the title of Australia’s largest online haircare, skincare and cosmetics retailer. Starting off as a front-runner in 2005, RY.com.au have since built an empire that stocks just about every brand you can think of. They’ve got a strong men’s section dedicated to haircare, skincare, shaving, grooming, beard care and fragrance. They also provide free shipping over $99 and overnight delivery, so it’s kind of perfect if you’re lazy, busy, want heaps of choice or you just want your stuff right now. With a team of experts who constantly research new products, it’s a pretty sweet selection.

The Bearded Stag
Hey you bearded beasts out there. Pay attention. The Bearded Stag is giving you all the right tools to take care of and tame your hairy beard. They source a range of beard oils, hair pomades, moustache waxes and general male grooming products from Australia and across the world. They exude that ol’ school barber shop style with some pretty neat products and offer advice and styling tips to keep your mane in check. The Bearded Stag is fostering the beard movement, so if you’re hoping to evolve from hairy mongrel to a gloriously well- groomed bearded gentlemen, look no further.

Redefining men’s grooming and marking a new direction for style- conscious guys, label.men professional haircare has introduced its first ever male grooming range. Targeted at professional stylists, barbers and clients alike, label.men is a line of seven essential modern classic barbering products, created to enhance performance without compromise. Developed by the International Artistic Team and tested backstage at the London Fashion Week shows, the range is jam-packed with cool hair-building botanicals and beneficial ingredients. With thanks to the unique properties in eleMENts Complex, every product maximises ingredient penetration through micronisation technology. Healthy hair = smart grooming.

Worthy & Spruce
Worthy & Spruce stock a range of beard care, haircare, skincare, soaps, washes, shaving and accessories for dapper dudes. They’re as dedicated to quality grooming products as they are to their charity partners. For every Ultimate Beardcare Toolkit or Beardcare Essentials Toolkit sold, a portion of their revenue goes to White Ribbon, Australia’s male-led campaign to stop violence against women, and WaterAid, who provide communities with access to clean water and safe sanitation. Packs include a beard soap, oil, balm, comb, moustache wax and moisturiser. If you’re a bearded fellow and believe in social responsibility, Worthy & Spruce does too.

Men’s Biz
Men’s Biz is an online retailer specialising in only the very best high-end male grooming products. Recently nominated as one of Australia’s best online retailers, the store boasts a well-curated yet extensive list of shaving, skincare and haircare products, alongside a quality selection of fragrance and accessories. Men’s Biz also has a store and barbershop in Melbourne’s historic Royal Arcade where men can touch, sample and feel the products, and where expert advice, old style shaves and haircuts can be dispensed by the expert staff. Grooming doesn’t need to be pretentious, complicated or expensive so Men’s Biz has you covered.


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