Blackhead-popping tweezers exist in this world and we are a blessed people

So gross, yet so satisfying.

Blackhead tweezers are here to satisfy your inner Dr Pimple Popper.

An equal parts revolting and satisfying video from Boxamall showcases the Blackhead Tweezer in action. It looks pretty convincing, too. The tool features a sharp point to poke the blackhead tip, and then a curved shape to gently squeeze out the gunk.

It’s designed to give you more precision when extracting blackheads, making you less likely to damage the area. While it all sounds pretty impressive, the experts seem divided on whether or not this is a good idea.

A quick look at Boxamall’s Facebook page shows it seems to be a Danoz Direct equivalent, with its offering consisting of a ‘Magic Tap’, ‘Easy Egg Peeler’ and ‘Potatoes Baker’. The more we explore, the less we believe this tool will actually work.

I mean, who wouldn’t trust a product with the name ‘1PC Blackhead Tweezers Comedone Acne Blemish Remover Curved Nipper Stainless Beauty Cleaner Tools Eyebrow Tweezers for Cosmetic’?

Regardless, we’re still kind of game to try it out.

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