Frank Body launches facial range

All about that face.

It’s not much of surprise that here in Melbourne we love coffee so much that we rub it all over our naked bodies…then probably Instagram it, then probably put on an all-black outfit – Soooooo Melbourne.

Ever since Melbournians Jess Hatzis, Alex Boffa, Steve Rowley, Erika Garaerts, and Bree Johnson discovered that their used coffee grounds actually made their skin soft and smell freshly brewed, the city hasn’t looked back.

If you don’t know Frank, he likes things caffeinated and dirty, the perfect type of guy who cares how you take your coffee, prefers you au naturel in trackies, and will scrub your skin until it feels soft, supple, and smells utterly delicious. With 626k followers on Instagram (#thefrankeffect) and a line of babes knocking at his door, Frank is the coolest guy around town.

A couple of weeks ago, Frank launched a new range of coffee-based skincare especially for your face: a cleanser, a scrub, and an everyday moisturiser. The three products are made from all-natural ingredients including coffee-bean extract, charcoal minerals, and organic oils in an effort to give you the glowing skin you deserve.

Frank’s new products complement their weekly scrubs and will make you smell good enough to eat….just don’t try to.


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