How-to: Nina Simone-inspired ‘do

A nod to the past.

When you need inspiration for your next ‘do, sometimes looking back can be a great idea.

For Tome’s MBFWA runway, the REDKEN team looked to jazz icon Nina Simone. This fearless feminine style nods to the ’60s and looks killer.

REDKEN’s Hair Director for the Tome runway, John Pulitano, tops things off with a Simone-inspired turban. Though if that doesn’t take your fancy, this textured style still looks pretty jazzy.  

  1. Working with the natural texture of air-dried hair in sections, starting from the nape, apply a mixture of Rough Clay 20 Matt Texturizer and Shape Factor 22 Sculpting Cream-Paste to the roots of the hair with your fingertips.
  2. As you progress up the head, maneuver the hair to create raw texture and drag the product through to the ends just in a few sections.
  3. Direct the hair all back away from the face with just a few strands pulled out around the hair line and around the ears.
  4. Using a large tong create subtle movement at the back section and finish with WAX BLAST 10 Finishing Spray-Wax to enhance the choppy texture. 


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