Lancôme has created a 3D highlighter in the shape of an actual rose

As sweet as roses.

By this time next week, rubbish bins of the world will be filled with Valentine’s roses that have passed their use-by date.

Luxe beauty brand Lancôme is about to release a collection of roses with a much longer shelf life.

Absolutely Rose is a limited-edition, rose-inspired makeup line that includes baby pink eyeshadow and pearlescent white eyeliner.

The true hero of the collection, however, is the highlighter.

It’s in the shape of an actual English rose and is described by Lancôme as “a giant highlighting rose powder encapsulated in a Parisian boudoir inspired pink box.” The La Rose à poudrer is designed to give a luminous pink glow. 

The question now remains, is it too late for Valentine’s Day?


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