Nars is releasing new versions of its cult bronzers, so I wrote a love letter to the classic

My dearest Laguna.

If you’ve been in the makeup game since around 2008, you’re probably familiar with Nars’ Laguna bronzer.

Let me paint a picture for you: It was 2009, before this gal even knew what highlighting and contouring was. My Chemist Warehouse bronzer had just hit pan for what I dubbed the very last time. I begged my mum for bigger and better things. I was 14, after all – me and my zero pores needed REAL makeup. After deliberation and incessant begging on my end, she made the decision that would change my life (and bank balance) forever: I could buy a high-end bronzer.

While my older sister had made the natural transition to MAC years earlier, I knew I was too edgy for that. I needed a brand that gave me a lil bit of shimmer and a lot of dark pigment. Armed with absolutely zero knowledge, I took an excursion to my local Mecca. At the advisement and blatant upselling of the beauty concierge, I left armed with a brand new bronzer called Nars Laguna.

Laguna became my ride or die. We did everything together. Not only did it give me a fake-tan filter IRL (this was pre- Bondi Sands guys), but the glitter undertones would give my face a shimmer that would legit make the tin-man jealous. Rarely a day went by when my entire face, neck and chest wasn’t completely lathered in Laguna (then set with hairspray because clearly that was a universally great idea?).

Over the years, however, the story went south. Don’t get me wrong, 2017 me loves to glow-up my face as much as the next gal. With age and experience, however, I found the shimmery goodness that I now love comes less from bronzing and more from a good highlighter. So like many ol’ favourites, Nars Laguna made its way to the back of my drawer. And alas, the back of my heart.

While I thought I had closed the book on this fleeting story many moons ago, Nars, apparently, had other plans. To rekindle the love that once was, the brand has just introduced a revamp of my fave formula, creating a new, velvety matte powder.

Dubbed the Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer, this lil miracle comes in four shades total. Two unforgettable classics (Laguna and Casino), plus two newbies (Seaside and Falaises.)

The formula is described as both matte and creamy, but in powder form. It has a dense blendability that can be either sheer or highly pigmented, depending on how much you use. This takes me back to my youth. Darling how I have missed you :’)

Unfortunately, my un-bronzed skin will have to wait a little while, with The Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer dropping in Mecca stores on May 2.


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