Pat McGrath’s ‘Skin Fetish 003’ highlighter broke the internet more than Kylie’s lipkits

Not King Kylie anymore.

There’s nothing like fooling people into thinking your face is just naturally, reflectively dewy. That you woke up, moisturised your face and walked out the door.

That’s why highlighting is the one skill in your makeup repertoire that you want to get on point right now. It’s all about the glow.

Pat McGrath (who has been hailed as the most influential makeup artist of all time by Vogue), may know a thing or two about this makeup trend.

She has just rolled out the latest product to her own makeup line, Pat McGrath Labs. It’s called Skin Fetish 003 and is the highlighting kit of our dreams.

Following its official release overnight, not only did it sell out, the website crashed for three hours.

Three hours.

That’s three episodes of Law & Order SVU (with ad breaks), three Body Pump classes, or three hours less sleep for all suckers in Australia who set an alarm to score one. It also beats Kylie’s attempt to break the internet with her lipkits.

So why the insane hype? Because Skin Fetish 003 will not be a product to disappoint. Pat based the kit off her very own highlighting tricks of the trade, which she’s been practicing for 22 years. If it’s good enough for the Prada runway, it’s good enough for us.

Among all the sparkle of Pat’s signature sequin-filled packages is a dual-ended stick complete with a highlighter on one end, and a clear balm made from aloe vera and argan oil on the other. The kit also comes with an illuminating pressed gel and a brush (sourced from Japan, ooooh) to apply it all.

The kits are available in two shades, Golden and Nude and are priced at $72 USD each.

You can try your luck in scoring one on April 26 when they go on sale again at PatMcGrath.com. If you miss out, they’ll also be available from May 3 at Sephora online. But don’t get too ahead of yourself, because she’ll probably break the internet again.


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