Product Review: NARS The Matte Multiple

We review The NARS Matte Multiple – use it on your lips, cheeks and eyes

The NARS Matte Multiple is a new twist on an old favourite. There are seven shades in this new finish, and they are creamy, matte, lightweight and oh-so easy to use. We’ve experimented with four of them on the lips, cheeks and the eyes and if that wasn’t enough you can also choose to use them wet or dry. Dry will give you a vibrant, opaque effect or used wet, you’ll get a smooth and sheer finish that looks like it comes from within. The NARS Matte Multiple: your new multi-talented best friend.

1. NARS The Matte Multiple in Siam
This is a pop of colour if we ever did see it! This is a bright red coral that you mustn’t be scared of. It gives the most enviable freshness to Elle’s cheeks, and would work just as well on the lips.

2. NARS The Matte Multiple in Anguilla
This is described as a ginger pink, but it is quite soft and feminine. We chose to put it on the lips with a damp brush for that 90s bubblegum look.

3. NARS The Matte Multiple in Exumas
Exumas is a beautiful peach apricot shade that would work well on the lips and the cheeks. But once we saw that Elle had green eyes, it was a no-brainer, a perfect match. Heaven.

4. NARS The Matte Multiple in Vientiane
This is a copper bronze tone that we have used to gently contour and give shape to Elle’s cheekbones. We used it wet, with the fingertips so that it melted into the skin and looked totally natural.

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