Shu Uemura to collaborate with Yaz Bukey

Because lipstick is the best accessory.

Kings of complexion Shu Uemura have announced a collaboration with Paris based jewellery designer Yaz Bukey.

The project comes in the form of a thirty-four piece cosmetic range and features skincare and specialty make-up products, because what would a Shu Uemura line be without skincare? 

Alongside the release of the cosmetics, Uemura’s international director Kakuyasu Uchiide has worked with Bukey to create unique beauty styles.

Bukey’s lastest jewellery collection includes lipstick shaped earrings and lip-shaped broaches. Of the collaboration she states, “For me, makeup is the same as accessories: You can change your personality and show different sides of yourself: That’s why I like makeup.”

The range will be available world-wide in May.




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