This makeup palette phone case is the beauty product we didn’t know we needed

We’re still not sure, tbh.

In today’s Inventions we’re not so sure about comes the world’s first makeup phone case.

If you’re not quite sure what the words “makeup phone case” actually mean, allow me to explain. Please.

The aptly-titled Poutcase is a hard-shell case that clips on to your iPhone. What makes it different is the addition of a tray that slides out from the back of the case, revealing your very own custom beauty palette. 

The palette is then yours to build, with Poutcase offering a range of seven lipsticks, four foundations and a clear lipbalm to clip in to the tray. You can explore the colours here

As for the phone case, you can select from a white or black shell with the option of a champagne or rose gold tray. Overall, it’s a pretty slim design except for, y’know, the palette attached to the back. 

If you’re into this idea, good for you. You can preorder the Poutcase now, before its official launch in July. 


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