Too Faced is getting sued over its new lipstick

Another day, another lawsuit.

In today’s episode of who’s suing who, Too Faced is coming under fire for allegedly copying lipstick packaging from cosmetics company Tatcha.

The lipstick in question is part of Too Faced’s new Peaches and Cream makeup collection, which is set for release later this month in the US.

Tatcha claims the packaging from Too Faced’s Peach Kiss Long Wear lipstick is very similar to its own 23-Karat Gold Illuminated lipstick.

In the lawsuit, Tatcha states that Too Faced is “already causing confusion in the marketplace,” and cites comments from its followers on Instagram calling out the similarities.

“Too Faced has added a gold band and logo medallion at the closure, added a moulded logo plate at the top, and significantly adjusted the dimensions and placement of its tube indentations to mimic Plaintiff’s distinctive Tatcha Trade Dress,” the complaint reads.

The brand is calling for the court to prevent Too Faced from using the packaging, as well as seeking damages.


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