You can now buy fake nipple stickers to look extra perky/cold

Is it cold in here?

The future is now, people. 

A company titled Just Nips is bringing perky nipples to us all, with a range of stick-on nipples designed to make you “look cold, feel hot!” 

Which, hopefully, you do after sticking fake nipples over your girls.

The ‘nipples’ come in sets of two and are designed for single use only. They can be applied straight to the skin or over your bra, giving the impression of hard nipples.

They’re actually quite pretty, too. Each sticker looks like a flower with a pearl in the middle, available in either ‘cream’ or ‘cocoa’. There’s also two sizes to choose from, depending on whether you’d prefer to look ‘cold’ or ‘freezing’.

“Truly my favorite time to wear them is with a long-sleeve top or knit sweater, like an accessory. It changes up your look and adds a little something extra,” said founder Molly Borman to Refinery 29

Beyond vanity, Just Nips is also working with breast cancer associations, donating a pair of nips to women in need for every pair of nips sold. The brand is also working to increase breast cancer awareness, with every box of Just Nips soon to include tutorials on how to perform a breast check. 

You can check out more about Just Nips here.


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