Beauty report: Frank Body Birthday Cake Body Scrub



Name: Frank Body Birthday Cake Body Scrub
Price: $19.95
What it does: A limited-edition mix of natural ingredients that polishes dry skin with sweet-smelling ease.
Available from: frankbody.com

How it feels/smells/looks

Frank Body is renowned for its scrubs and I can tell you this one doesn’t disappoint. Infused with roasted and ground Robusta coffee beans, it smells like you’re literally scrubbing yourself with coffee cake (we’ve all thought about it, let’s be real). It’s a pretty dense scrub, so it’s ideal for those really dry patches like your ankles, elbows and perfect for a pre-tan exfoliate.

Why I like it

Being winter, my skin needs a bit of a hydration boost. The birthday scrub is jam-packed full of natural ingredients including coconut husk, matcha tea and avocado oil – all the goodies that keep you looking supple, vibrant and glowy. The smell is delectable, and it hangs around long after it washes off. YUM. I used this three times a week as directed and noticed a huge improvement in skin texture. It left me feeling polished and moisturised, to the point where I kept making friends stroke my arm to appreciate the baby-like smoothness.

Areas for improvement

It’s messy. I’m still finding bits and pieces of the scrub around my bathroom a week on. It also has quite a strong scent. So, if you’re some sort of monster and don’t love the smell of cake – this isn’t for you.


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