Beauty report: Tgin Curl Bomb Moisturising Styling Gel

Words by Veronica Stanford

Curly-haired girls, get around it.

Name: Tgin
Price: $24.50
What it does: Creates soft, touchable curls sans the crunch
Available from: saintcurl.com.au

How it feels/smells/looks

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this product. Unlike any gel I’ve used, this one doesn’t feel sticky on your hands and rubs into damp (or dry) hair with ease, so you don’t get clumpy, crunchy patches. It smells great too. So good in fact, that my pregnant sister-in-law couldn’t stop sniffing my hair (true story).

Why I like it

I can safely say the best curls my hair’s ever produced were as a result of this product. Despite being a ‘gel’, you get zero crunch with the product accentuating natural curls to look soft but not frizzy. You don’t need to use much either, a small pump run through damp hair is enough to the job. I’ve also found myself returning to this product when I need a little extra frizz control on dry hair.

Areas for improvement

Nothing to read here, not only is this product effective for someone with curls that err on the frizzy side, it’s super affordable.


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