Beauty Review: It’s All Fluff’s Face Oil

Words by Ruby Staley

Doing the dew.

Whether it’s lathering on expensive illuminisers or layering K Beauty products to achieve glass-like skin, the ‘dewy’ look is having its moment in beauty. With the aim of looking slightly moist or a sweaty glow rather than greasy, it seems everyone from runway models to regular civilians are doing the dew.

Me included.

Any trend that allows me to look chic after running for a tram has my tick of approval.

But how to do the dew you ask? Melbourne beauty company, Fluff, who develop ethical products with a fun and casual approach to makeup, has just released the product to help you get there.

Using a 100% pure jojoba oil formulation, Fluff’s simply titled Face Oil promises not only to condition and hydrate the skin, but also balance oil production, remove makeup and strengthen lashes. Big tick, we love a multi-use product. It also self-describes as suitable for all skin types – from sensitive and dry, to eczema and acne-prone.

I took it on a road test to find out if it really lived up to the promises.

For context, my skin is combination – dry with an oily T-zone – and I’ve never struggled with any skin related afflictions.

Plopping the recommended 2-3 drops as the first step in my routine I found I didn’t even need moisturiser on top, I was hydrated AF already.

I noticed straight away that it didn’t leave my face feeling greasy like so many other oils do. Where rosehip oil sits on the skin’s surface, this formulation started sinking into me almost instantly. 

In approximately 15 minutes, I felt I could put some makeup on over the top – my skin was totally dry to the touch while still looking shiny as hell.

It didn’t have that standard greasy feeling when you rub your hands over your face an hour after applying, as other mainstays in the category usually do. But enough to leave you looking as radiant as if you’ve just put on a soft, liquid illuminiser.

As someone with chronically dry lips, I’m also compelled to slather the oil all over them. Although the company have come out with a targeted alternative for this very body part, the oil did the trick.

My minimal everyday makeup – consisting of concealer, bronzer, eyebrow mascara, and regular eyelash mascara – went on as normal and stayed in place throughout the day.

Although I didn’t notice any major improvements in the longevity of my makeup, I did feel almost compelled to re-apply the face oil, not for aesthetic reasons but rather for the intense hydrating experience it offers.

Rate or hate: 4.5/5


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